Naughty and Nice

Last month’s party had over 150 attend but it felt low because of the previous two parties and the number of folks hanging out in the downstairs bar where it is quieter.  The trend is definitely still climbing and we’re glad you keep coming back.  We continue to draw new people from further and further away.  As we continue to grow help us out by being friendly to our newest friends.

Naughty or Nice?This month, we are excited to be bringing back DJ Matt Stands – resident DJ at the Cuff in Seattle and Twisted in Everett.  Matt was a big hit at our Pride Party and we’re glad to have him back for Naughty November.  Plan to party with us and be a little naughty.

Hopefully we’ll be celebrating the APPROVE Referendum 71 campaign!  It’s Justin’s birthday that night.  Also,  Ricky and Mandi are planning to celebrate their “Dirty, Nerdy, Thirty” birthday party with us.

Doors open at 9pm and we stay open till 2am.  This event is 21 and over.  Cover is $5 at the door.  Drinks are really reasonably priced.  The bar is cash only.  There is a typical bar ATM downstairs and a Chase ATM located on the same block.

Enter the Eagles upstairs at 205 6th street.  If you drive, there is plenty of parking available in the area.  Most of it is free and the word on the street is that the nearby pay-lots are not checked that late.  The lot next to the Eagles on Washington is reserved for their members – the good people who allow us to turn their hall in to a big gay bar.

Plan to spend New Year’s Eve with us.  We are planning to deliver another great event!

Be safe and enjoy your Halloween!  Check out the Halloween showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Admiral Theatre at Midnight.  Doors open at 10:30 and it’s only $7.

I only wanted something else to do but hang around…

I still have Pet Shop Boys songs in my head ofter their recent concert.  I often say that living in Kitsap County we have to make our own fun.  Red Star is the third version of a gay night in Bremerton that I have been involved with over the years that I’ve lived here.  The first was Paragon and it was held at the Eagles.  Started when a couple had a commitment ceremony reception and thought they should do it more often.  The next was NightOut which was started to build community and provide opportunities to do HIV prevention work.  Red Star was started to provide a quality club night.  Originally on Callow until G-Style Knights abruptly closed and it too moved to the Eagles.  Our first night had 80 people attend.   Last month at our first ever White Party we had 200 – it was our second busiest night ever.  Second only to this year’s Pride Party. Oh, and be sure to check out the White Party pictures on our Facebook page.   I couldn’t be happier with the support that the community has for this event.  It’s alot of hard work from volunteers.  We work hard to do right by you.  We have given thousands of dollars back to the community.  Thanks to all of you. I only wanted something else to do but hang around…

Come make some fun with us.  We’re at the Bremerton Eagles this Friday night at 9pm.  Come early – the Eagles serves Steak dinners downstairs and it’s open to the public.  Don’t forget that if it’s too crowded or noisy upstairs you can sneak downstairs for a bit.

See you then – Michael

Red Star…

  • First Fridays at 9 PM to close
  • Eagles in Bremerton – Upstairs
  • Corner of 6th and Washington
  • $5 cover – supports local lgbt organizations
  • Plenty of Parking Nearby. Do Not Use Eagle’s Lot

For regular updates to your cell phone TEXT redstarparty to 69302.

Ref. 71 Community Meetings

Join us as we kick off the campaign to Preserve the Domestic Partnership Law at one of three Kitsap locations.

We want people to vote to APPROVE Referendum 71! We also want to encourage them to spread the word to their families and friends, and to get them more involved in the campaign as a volunteer.

The goal of these community meetings will be to:

– Very specifically educate activists as to what is going on

– What is needed of them

– What the challenges are

– What must happen to win

The campaign – Washington Families Standing Together – will provide the program and materials, in addition to assisting with turn out from their lists and the lists of coalition partners endorsing the campaign. When activists leave the meeting, each should know exactly what they need to do in the days and weeks left in the campaign.

For more information or to RSVP please contact the organizers at or by calling 206.324.2570

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