Going Strong

We had another very successful night at our June 1 event. It was great to see lots of regulars, if you can have regulars after five nights, and still so many new people. It was rewarding to be thanked several times last night by people who came for the first time. We had 130 people there last night. Another Red Star record! That’s 500 people in 5 nights our average is 100!

We know that the Red Star Friday Night is not for everyone but everyone is welcome. We hope you will all keep coming or come see what it is all about if you haven’t had the chance yet. It was great to see some new women show up and check it out.

We will keep with our first Fridays and add some mid-month special events. We don’t want to do it too often, it is a lot of volunteer effort and it could water down the experience. Like going to a High School reunion every year. If you enjoy it plan for it. Mark your First Fridays now.

July will have Kitsap Pride events on the 20/21/22 weekend. Kitsap Pride is on Saturday the 21st. The money we get from the door is going to the entertainment at Pride.

We have been looking at producing a fun drag show and have been approached by some experienced folks to help us out. We’ve considered bringing in gay comedians/performers for a night too. Give us some feedback. Post a comment to this blog.

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