Red Star can be seen at night with the naked eye…

It’s that big.

Well we did it. In just three events we crossed well over 100 people. The energy was great this past Friday. It was a great night with new people with more people in there 20’s and 30’s than the previous event. The DJ did a great job and played some great music all night long. The dance floor & stage filled up with dancers.

We raised some of the money we need to help pay for the stage & sound system at the Kitsap Pride event on July 21 at Evergreen Park in Bremerton. The “Red Star” Stage!

We would like some input on maybe doing an occasional third Friday event. Maybe with a different feel. We’ve contacted the Le Faux show in Seattle. We could do a movie, it is an old theater, and maybe a Wizard of Oz sing-a-long meets drinking game. Or how about if we did a music night with some great 80’s music and fashions or a Big DISCO night.

Let us know what you’d be interested in and thanks again for your support. The unpaid volunteers that work hard to make this happen are happy to do it and donate the funds after expenses to the community and events like Pride.

See you soon!


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