Birthday Bash – We’re 4!

It’s hard to believe that Red Star is 4 years old.  Who would have thought with our first event happening with one weeks notice and announced on MySpace (remember MySpace) that we would have have grown to such a sustainable part of the community.  I still remember Brian and I talking about it for months as OutKitsap’s event was shrinking.  Our first year on Callow at G-style Knights until it closed and we made the move to the Bremerton Eagle’s Aerie.

We went round and round trying to come up with a name.  We wanted something people could remember, the domain was available and was easy to spell.  😉  We almost called it Blue Stripe.  Here we are 4 years later and have built quite a brand up around the Red Star name.

Over these four years we have contributed around five thousand dollars back to our community.  We look forward to the 2011 Pride event and continuing to deliver a place for Bremerton’s gay community.

See you Friday!